Växtlighet är historia, historien är växtlighet (2023)

Vegetation is history, history is vegetation

Bok med björkfrön.

Kontrast 2022 Stortorget Karlskrona


Kontrast 2022 Stortorget Karlskrona


Footprints 2022 Alvesta utställningshall

Förflyttningar 2022

Handgjorda böcker och screentryck 50 x 70 cm.

Listor på platsförflyttningar gjorda under två års tid är tryckta i två olika böcker: Förflyttningar I och Förflyttningar II.

Schabloner av listorna har sedan screentryckts.

Kollage 2022

60 x 80 cm

Kollage gjorda av boksidor från romaner.

Del I

Del II

Om ljusets väg och dess brytning

Före & efter 2021

63 x 82 cm

Kollage av för- och eftersättsblad från romaner.

Cover by cover(-ing) 2022

486 x 21 cm

Bokomslag till romaner som är sammanvävda till en gobeläng.

Cover by cover(-ing) 2022


Till 2020

98 x 100 cm

Kollage med alla dedikationer i original som finns i boken Till

Till 2020

Dedications from 45 different novels put together in a book.

Published at Fog förlag in 30 copies.

Punktering 2019

Book published at Fog Förlag. Based on some chapters from the book The emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg, where they cross the Atlantic sea. In Punktering (Puncture) the words are gone but the periods remains. Some of the periods are punched out and reflects a light on the next page.

Remember me 2018

Commissioned work for Lokalförvaltningen in Göteborg, for a preschool in Kortedala. Two different patterns are made for the floor in both entrances.

The sentence remember me are written in six of the most used languagues in Sweden at the moment. The sentence are then written multipal times til it becomes a pattern.

Traducción inversa (eng. Inverted translation) 2015

Installation with an eight page booklet made in 20 copies.

A poem by Tomas Tranströmer is translated from the spanish translation back to swedish. This gives a slightly different poem then the original.

Underline 2015

Installation with 101 book pages.

Reading a novel in spansih I underlined the words I understood what they meant. In the installation the words are taken away and you only see the underlining.

Tappad plats - Ruderatmarkens funna flora 2015

Poster 50x70 cm made for the publishing projekt Bilaga nr 3 2015

The poster show plants that are picked at a so called Loose space, a space in the city environment that have been used by man, but then been abandoned. The loose spaces are very favorable for some plants to grow.

Writerase 2015

Paper on canvas 10x12 cm

Made for Archive of Visions and Actions / Imago mundi 2015

ängar, för att förbli ängar, bör slås 2014

Booklet made in 5 copies, about the meadow and meadowland farming.

Air tree mountain 2014

Made for Sandqvist Journals nr.4 2014

Bergöga 2014

Made for OEI nr.63-64 2014

I begynnelsen fanns mellanslaget 2012

Booklet made in 30 copies

A4 format

Beskriven parentes Virk bindestreck parentes Beskrivning 2012

Booklet made in 30 copies

A4 format

Rum mellan rum 2012

Installation in the window gallery Gallery Peepshow, wich is a space between the street and the big gallery space at Gallery 54 / Gothenburg

The words are the synonyms for the word spacing.

Virkbeskrivning 2011

Booklet made in 25 copies

The booklet text is a description of how to crochet the letters in the word virkbeskrivning (eng. crochet-description)

Step-up 2008

Booklet and wall installation

The text is what the leader says during a group work out at the gym

Ecout ekot 2008 & 2010

Performance, wall-installation and booklet. A live transcription from what I hear from the radio in my headphones. At the custard factory in Birmingham England and at Konstepidemin Gothenburg. The radioshows were a fotballgame and the swedish news report Ekot.